About A. David Moore

David Moore is a North Pomfret Vermont native whose fomal schooling was completely in Vermont. He holds a degree from the University of Vermont. He lives and has his workshop on the large rural farm where he grew up. The reader is referred to the detailed description of Opus 27 for an understanding of what a compleat organ builder David, in fact, is. I first met Dave Moore in 1970 when he was renting an apartment in the Pigeon Cove house of Charlie and Ann Fisk. David apprenticed in the then small Fisk shop before establishing his own workshop in North Pomfret, Vermont where he has been designing and building historically informed mechanical action organs for over three decades. This unique builder has traveled extensively and studied some of the finest old (and some new) organs of Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and England. He has a working knowledge of the treatises of Cliquot and Dom Bédos. Living and working in New England, he has acquired a knowledge, both intimate and scholarly, of the 18th and 19th century New England builders. His association with the likes of John Fesperman, Barbara Owen, Fenner Douglass, Mark Brombaugh and Kevin Birch (to name but a few) has contributed to his understanding of the organ and its music. (Indeed, David himself is a quite respectable organist.)

Dr. Kevin Birch, music director of St. John's R.C. Church in Bangor, Maine, writes in his scholarly essay "A. David Moore, Organ Builder: An Account of His Work (1971-1994)" as follows:

"In the twenty-five years that he has been building organs, A. David Moore has earned a reputation as an important builder of his generation. Future players and builders will, no doubt, benefit from his work . . . the instruments by A. David Moore reflect the work of a gifted organ builder whose sound ideal continues to be influenced by his spirit of inquiry and by his appreciation of the enduring beauty of the old organs which inspire us all."