Collinsville Flentrop


Words from the Dedication Recital Program (September 12, 1965)

Dirk Flentrop is one of the leaders of the renaissance of fine organ building which has swept the continental European countries. Today there is scarcely a major builder in these countries who is not building tracker action instruments, The instrument which we celebrate this evening is one of several which will spark a similar organ building renaissance in our country. Although today only a few American builders are dedicated to this historic tradition, it will surely come to pass in due time that there will be scarcely a major organ builder in this country who will not be building tracker action instruments.

The Organ

16' Bourdon
8' Prestant
4' Spitsfluit
IV Mixtuur
16' Fagot

8' Prestant
8' Roerfluit
4' Octaaf
4' Gedekt Fluit
V Mixtuur
8' Trompet

8' Gedekt Pommer
4' Prestant
4' Roerfluit
2' Gemshoorn
II Sesquialter
III Cymbel
8' Kromhoorn

The positief is placed behind the Hoofdwerk and has four doors operable from a swell pedal, adding greatly to the versatility of the organ for choral accompaniment and in 19th and 20th century literature.

E. Power Biggs, at the request of Dr. Becker, wrote a glowing letter not only endorsing Dirk Flentrop as an organ builder of the first order but also opining that such an instrument would serve the needs of a New England Congregational Church very well indeed. During the years before the large three manual von Beckerath (tracker) was installed in Dwight Chapel at Yale University, several Yale organ majors played recitals on this organ, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of Charles Krigbaum, then Yale University Organist. Prof. Krigbaum also played a number of recitals on the Flentrop.

Listen to the Collinsville Flentrop

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Bach: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring

Pachelbel: Partita Was Gott tut Das Ist Wohlgetan




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