St. Pankratius Kirche

The church was built in 1682 and that year Arp Schnitger began work on the large two manual and pedal organ, installed in 1688. Schnitger became, through marriage, a land owner in Neuenfelde. The congregation, in appreciation for the elegant organ Schnitger had built for the church, constructed a personal pew (stall) for him. Although acoustically suboptimal, the stall was glassed in so it could be heated in winter. His coat of arms is on the stall. Schnitger died in 1719. He is buried in the church.

The organ was "renovated" in the nineteenth century, restored by Paul Ott in 1937 and restored again by Rudolph von Beckerath in 1950. Paul Ott did further work on the instrument in 1953.

Note this historic organ is in trouble - there are plans to build a runway through the church.

Click below to see the case and Schnitger's shield.



16 Quintadena
8 Prinzipal
8 Rohrflöte
4 Oktave
4 Spitzflöte
3 Nasat
2 Oktave
2 Spielflöte
II Rauschpfeife
V-VI Mixtur
III Cymbel
8 Trompete
8 Vox Humana


16 Prinzipal
8 Oktave
4 Oktave
4 Flöte
2 Nachthorn
II Rauschpfeife
V Mixtur
16 Posaune
8 Trompete
2 Cornett


8 Quintadena
8 Gedackt
4 Prinzipal
4 Blockflöte
3 Quintflöte
2 Oktave
1 1/2 Sifflöte
II Sexquialtera
II Terzian
IV-V Scharff
8 Krummhorn

Shove Coupler (Schiebekoppel)
Tremulant to entire organ
Two Zimbelsterns
Short Octaves in the manuals
Broken Octave in the pedal
Noli Me Tangere (a tease stop - no sound)

(includes information from Charles Krigbaum)